The lessons on this page go along with the F.I.L.M.S. strategy.  The F.I.L.M.S. strategy teaches students to find the least common multiple of the denominators and add and subtract the resulting fractions. The first three lessons can utilize a web-based app (links below) that students complete independently, with teacher support at the beginning and end.  The final lessons involve group and individual practice with the strategy.  Alternatively, teachers can conduct the F.I.L.M.S. strategy themselves without the web-based component.  Please refer to the proper lesson plans if using the web-based v. teacher led lessons.  Web-based applications require Flash Player, for proper playback on an iPad, you may wish to use the free Puffin Browser located on the app store.

Web-Based Video Lessons

Developing background knowledge and introducing the strategy.

Modeling the strategy.

Guided practice.

Note:  If you have trouble viewing the content, you may install the applications by downloading the respective application and installing on your computer.  Note that you may have to install Adobe Air (https://get.adobe.com/air/)  to properly install the downloads.


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